Keith was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in 1950.  He began pursuing drawing, painting and sculpture toward the end of a highly successful career as an educator, psychologist, and health care executive.  Largely self-taught, Keith traces his influences to the works of the European Old Masters, and in particular, to the late works of Titian and Rembrandt.  He is also an admirer of the contemporary Norwegian Master, Odd Nerdrum, with whom he apprenticed in 2016 and American Masters such as Thomas Eakins, Robert Henry, Andrew Wyeth, Jacob Collins, Daniel Graves, and the sculptors Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Frederick Hart.  

Keith lives with his wife, Anne, in Edina, Minnesota and maintains a private studio in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. His works have been in juried exhibitions at The Minnetonka and Edina Art Centers where he received the blue ribbon in painting in 2016.   Keith has also been selected multiple times for curated shows at the annual Minnesota State Fair Fines Arts Exhibit where he has won awards from the Minnesota College of Art & Design and The Maple Grove Art Center. His commissioned works are in private and corporate collections. 

"I've come to this late in life," Keith says of his work. "I'm trying to learn all I can.  My story is probably a familiar one: What started out as a hobby becomes a passion once your mortgage is paid and your kids are launched.  But I've found that becoming a representational painter or sculptor requires the same amount of energy, persistence and focus as running a company or mastering a challenging sport. Painting and sculpture are ancient crafts, and I try to honor as best I can its deep traditions and long-established practices. I am humbled by the work of so many others working in this tradition."